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August 3rd, 2002:

RIP, Geneva Kirk Brooks

Local anti-smut crusader Geneva Kirk Brooks died yesterday after a bout with lymphoma. Normally, when I link to an obituary, it’s because I liked or was impressed by the deceased. That’s not the case here, though I will say in Ms. Brooks’ defense that she was one of the more entertaining professional puritans around.

For example, about ten years ago she got a bee in her bonnet about Hippie Hollow, the nudist park on Lake Travis in Austin. She put pressure on then-Governor Ann Richards to ban nude sunbathing there, claiming that some of the nudists were visible from a nearby church parking lot. As you can see from these photos, Lake Travis is essentially a canyon, surrounded by trees. When asked how exactly it was that she could see anyone at all on Lake Travis from her perch in the church’s parking lot, Brooks said “Well, I was using binoculars.” Governor Richards declined to take action.

So, if there is a heaven and Geneva Kirk Brooks gets there, I can only hope for her sake that all the cherubs are decently dressed.