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October 1st, 2002:

He’s got legs, he knows how to use them

You take your fame where you can get it, I always say.

(In case you can’t tell, that’s me on the far left. Mikey is in the foreground. Good thing I never planned on a career in politics.)

Einhorn will testify

Ira Einhorn will testify at his trial, and by $DEITY he may just tell us all about how it was Evil Guvment Agents who killed his girlfriend Holly Maddux and stuffed her body into a steamer trunk in his apartment. I have a feeling that will go over as well as Linus’ Great Pumpkin speech did when he ran for class president…

Via TalkLeft

Raffle this!

The kids at Pearland High School, a bit south of Houston, thought they had a novel way to raise some cash for scholarships: Raffle off a house. They got a house from a builder at cost and were aiming to sell enough $100 raffle tickets to earn over $100K. Only one problem – it’s illegal for charities to award prizes whose value exceeds $50,000. Thus endeth the grand plan.

I have to say, even if this had been kosher, I’d consider this prize to be more trouble than its worth for the following reason:

Ken Vargas, a spokesman for the Internal Revenue Service in Austin, said depending on a person’s income, the tax on $230,000 could be almost 39 percent, or $89,700.

Vargas said that tax would have to be paid before the April filing deadline.

The booster club had made arrangements to loan some money to the winner to help with the tax bite, but still. My taxes are complicated enough, thanks.

But I’m sure it was weapons-grade zinc and zirconium

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that the 15 kg of weapons-grade uranium that was seized in Turkey has turned out to be 150 grams of inert metals such as zinc and zirconium. Oopsie.

I took a quick peek through some warblogger sites (and will be off to take a shower as soon as I can) to see which of them played fair with this story. To their credit, more of them did than didn’t. Gold stars to Den Beste, who was skeptical from the beginning and noted the followup. Bill Quick, the Big Baby of the Blogosphere, also called it properly. Charles Johnson worked up a lather at first, but did note the correct story at the end.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have a few guys who dropped the story like a bad habit once it no longer followed their script: NZ Bear, who knows all about making a nuke, Damian Penny, and InstaPundit himself, who eventually gave himself some weasel room with the daring prediction that this “will turn out to be something less than initially advertised”. Disadvantage: InstaPundit!

Finally, a shoutout to a guy who’s way too cool to be a warblogger, Scott Chaffin, who did get all worked up when the story first hit, but is honest enough to admit it and throw in a pig picture to make it up to us.