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October 4th, 2002:

Up or down, Mister Brown?

President Bush says the economy is just peachy despite precipitous declines in the stock market and more people giving up the search for jobs:

The Bush administration […] issued an upbeat report yesterday on the economy, proclaiming that despite lost savings, “America is on the road to recovery.” It urged Americans to “share the president’s confidence and optimism.”

The report, distributed to numerous business leaders and others around the country as a nine-page memo from Commerce Secretary Donald L. Evans, argued that despite unease because of terrorism, war and corporate misdeeds, “there is more than ample cause for optimism about the economy” and asserted that “most of the economy is following a normal recovery pattern.”

Meanwhile, many stock analysts think the worst is yet to come:

“Investors should stay on the sideline,” said Mark Arbeter, Standard & Poor’s chief technical analyst. “I wouldn’t recommend people buy any stocks at this time.”

Who do you believe?

WaPo link via Kos.

Larry explains it all

Larry sits for a blogger interview with Dawn Olsen. Check it out.

Another way to drive hit count

Jack points out this story which I saw but forgot to blog about the hot new trend in fundraising: Nekkid calendars.

In today’s precarious economy, charities seeking to raise money are finding that bake sales just don’t cut it anymore. But stripping sure does.

Taking it all off is really, ahem, taking off as a new crop of bare-all calendars featuring plain folks shedding their inhibitions for worthy causes is on sale for 2003.

The groups range from female wool spinners seeking to confront “the ageism and sizeism in our culture” to the Rotary Club in Brattleboro, Vt.

The Rotarians convinced a whopping 53 men — bankers, lawyers, real-estate agents and physicians — to appear mostly nude in their 2003 “Men of Brattleboro” calendar.

“Some men were reserved and needed convincing,” said organizer Tom Fegley, who said proceeds will go to Rotary-supported charities. “Others laughed, and then the clothes fell to the floor faster than a prom dress.”

The charitable groups all say they were inspired by the highly successful “Ladies of Rylstone” in England. Those pillars of their community, ages 45-60, posed nude for a calendar to generate funds for leukemia research. Their 1999 calendar was so popular that it was published again in 2000 and wound up generating an eye-popping $700,000.

It’s just a matter of time before someone proposes a calendar featuring nekkid bloggers. We already have Hoopty Mike‘s Rack Browser, after all, so it’s not like this is a huge stretch. How many extra hits per day would you need to get in order to bare your bum to the world?

I’d like to thank the Academy

Larry is kind enough to list yours truly among his ten favorite blogs. As you can tell from the rest of his list, mine is not the prevailing viewpoint. I know Larry’s also quite fond of Ginger, Mac, Meryl, and O-Dub. It’s an honor to be picked from such tough competition.

It’s impossible for me to pick ten favorite blogs. There are too many blogs that I really like, and I’m the kind of squishy liberal who’d worry about hurting someone’s feelings by excluding them.

That said, my buddy Binkley has just started reading blogs, and I thought it would be useful to point out a few to him that I think he’d enjoy. Binkley is a libertarian who’s into music (especially classical), science and technology (especially space exploration and open source software, gaming, and science fiction. He’s also one of the most intellectually curious people I know. With that in mind, and given that I’ve already mentioned to him all of our mutual friends who are blogging, here are some Blogs for Binkley:

1. Jim Henley’s Unqualified Offerings. Jim’s a libertarian who’s into gaming, music, and sci-fi. It’s a quadrafecta!

2. Eve Tushnet.

3. and 4. Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden.

5. Chad Orzel’s Uncertain Principles.

6. Brad DeLong.

7. Virginia Postrel.

8. Charles Murtaugh.

9. Doc Searls.

10. Instapundit. I really wanted to avoid paying the inevitable homage to Instapundit, but I do think Binkley will like him.

So there’s a starter’s list for you, Binkley. There’s a lot of good stuff out there – starting, of course, with my blogroll on the right. Seek and ye shall find.