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February 13th, 2003:

Clinton wows ’em in Austin

Bill Clinton was in Austin yesterday and gave a speech about current events. I’m a little low on energy today thanks to a cold, so I’ll just point out this funny line by Liz Carpenter, the former press secretary to Lady Bird Johnson and sponsor of the lecture series that brought him to town:

“It’s great to have a former president with us, and one that didn’t need duct tape to hold us together,” Carpenter said.


Another Enron report released

Here’s yet another report of Enron’s evildoing, this one about a variety of questionably legal tactics to skirt tax laws. I could quote large bits of this, but I think the following sums up everything you need to know:

Enron received tax advice that pushed legal boundaries from established companies such as Bankers Trust and from its outside law firm, Vinson & Elkins, the congressional panel said in a report on its yearlong probe of Enron’s tax records.

The company’s tax department became a profit center, with its own annual revenue targets, the report says.

“Show Me the Money!” is emblazoned on an internal Enron document regarding a transaction, one of a trove released by the committee.

Emphasis mine. What more can you say?