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May 19th, 2003:

The wheels of punditry grind slowly

Nearly two months ago, I wrote about receiving email at my only-published-on-the-old-Blogspot-site address about the Heritage Foundation’s Big Ol’ Blog Initiative, which is to send email to a bunch of bloggers and beg them to link to stuff they’ve written. I didn’t understand that strategy then, and I don’t understand it now, but never mind that. At long last, just when I’d given up hope that I’d ever hear from them again, I finally got a missive about their latest magnum opus, which is something to do with COPS data. (I tried, I really did, but I lost consciousness somewhere around the fourth paragraph, so you’ll have to slog through it yourself to learn more.)

So how successful was Heritage’s link-pimping strategy? Well, I got their email on Friday, and as of the time I wrote this post, there are three blogs (not counting me) linking to their screed. I admit, these are blogs with good readership, but this still strikes me as not a lot of bang for the buck. We’ll see how long it takes before their next breathless update, and how many bloggers jump when asked.

The last word on the Dixie Chicks

Ahem. I just found Kinky Friedman’s tribute to the Dixie Chicks. I may never see again. Tread carefully. You have been warned.

Turner’s troubles

John Williams spells out Sylvester Turner’s problems going into the Mayor’s race. I’ve made the same observations (here and here), but Williams adds an interesting Killer D twist that I’d forgotten:

Turner said he understood why the Killer D’s acted but declined to participate because he was one of the five House conferees trying to reach a compromise with the Senate on a new state budget.

Politically, Turner acknowledged he was in a no-win situation that would leave one side or the other unhappy.

He’s right. Had he joined the Democrats in Ardmore, Turner’s opponents in the mayor’s race could label him a quitter for leaving work in Austin.

Such criticism, however, probably wouldn’t come from the man many believe Turner will face in a runoff — former Councilman Orlando Sanchez, who forced Brown into a runoff in 2001.

In 1999, Sanchez and four other council members temporarily blocked a vote for an airport parking contract by walking out and breaking a quorum.

Pretty ironic, especially since Chris Bell led that walkout.

I believe Turner’s stock is falling, and I believe it won’t get back up. I’d love to see some reliable poll numbers right about now.