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September 14th, 2003:

Blog policies

The following is an enumeration of the philosophy and policies of this weblog. A link to it will be placed on the sidebar for easy reference in the future. I’ve avoided having one of these for a long time, but events last week have convinced me that I cannot avoid it any longer.


Election returns

Our overburdened state constitution is now 22 amendments longer, which sadly means that the evil Prop 12 also passed, though by a narrower margin and in heavier voting than what was originally expected. I look forward to better access to health care for all Texans and lower insurance rates in the near future. That is what this amendment was about, right?

Proof that Alabama isn’t the only state where voters can be convinced to vote against their own economic self-interest:

The measure lost in Harris and Dallas counties, but won in South Texas, where doctors last year closed their offices for a day to protest high insurance rates.

We all know how interested Governor Perry is in the plight of South Texas residents. I’m sure he’ll do everything in his power to help them out now.

UPDATE: Byron has an excellent analysis of the Prop 12 vote.