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The best possible reason to support Nick Lampson

Nick Lampson has Olivia’s official endorsement. What more could you possibly need to know? Oh, and don’t forget to check out Lampson’s ads, now visible on YouTube. Greg has the embedded links. Continue reading

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Have we seen the last of DeLay or not?

Olivia and I drove down to Fort Bend last night where we hung out with some fellow Democrats and enjoyed a nice not-too-hot summer evening. That particular Beck’s Prime is right on a waterfront, and there were ducks and turtles … Continue reading Continue reading

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Don’t depend on DPS for your background checks

Nice article in the Press on the crappy database that DPS provides to the public for criminal background checks. Executive summary: Since counties are responsible for providing their data to the DPS and most of them are extremely laggard about … Continue reading Continue reading

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Still more cases dismissed in Round Rock

Kiss more of those curfew violations goodbye. A Municipal Court judge has dismissed 47 curfew violation cases against students who walked out of class in March to protest federal immigration legislation. Twenty-six of the cases were dismissed Wednesday and three … Continue reading Continue reading

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