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Weekend link dump for January 12

First world problems are still problems worth solving. When Captain America wears a turban, it’s pretty cool. As The Slacktivist often says, they are coming for your birth control. Don’t be surprised by it. “As a result, Netflix can’t, any … Continue reading

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You can’t stop Dave Wilson

You can only hope to restrain him. The battle over whether Dave Wilson is actually a Houston Community College trustee could come to a head on Thursday when the 67-year-old tries to take the seat behind the District II placard … Continue reading

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Chron overviews of the other candidates for Governor

On the Republican side, everybody wants to be the next coming of Ted Cruz. As Attorney General Greg Abbott sweeps toward the GOP nomination for governor, other Republicans are reminding voters that he’s not alone in the party primary. Waging … Continue reading

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Is this the end for the dollar coin?

Fine by me if it is. The dollar wars have raged for years, with various sides battling over what a dollar should look like: Should it be a green piece of paper (cotton, actually) that you can slide in your … Continue reading

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