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Saturday video break: Birdland

Time for some jazz, which in the 70’s was often married with funk. Here’s the standard of that type and that era, “Birdland”, originally by The Weather Report: Was there a high school jazz band in the 80s that didn’t … Continue reading

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More on the Pratt resignation deal

I’m still shaking my head about this. The Harris County district attorney still could investigate and charge former family court Judge Denise Pratt, despite striking a deal with the freshman jurist to resign to avoid prosecution on charges of tampering … Continue reading

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Chron overview of Dem Ag Commissioner runoff

It’s the same story we’ve known all along. Texas Democrats’ dreams of taking over statewide offices surely never envisioned the kind of race they have in the primary runoff for agriculture commissioner where musician and writer Kinky Friedman faces off … Continue reading

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Shark Week in the Gulf

You got your goblin sharks. Shrimpers fishing in the Gulf of Mexico have pulled up an incredibly rare, almost prehistoric looking goblin shark. It’s only the second sighting of such a beast in the Gulf. The freakish shark is one … Continue reading

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