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Weekend link dump for April 26

“The Answer to All of Your Social Distancing Loophole Questions Is No”. I happened to come across two strange but delightful stories about art on the same day late last week. They are about Pierre Brassau, Monkey Artist and the … Continue reading

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UT/Trib: Trump 49, Biden 44

Our first post-primary poll. Donald Trump would beat Joe Biden by five points in Texas if the presidential race were held now, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll. In a Trump-Biden contest, Democratic and Republican voters overwhelmingly … Continue reading

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Vote by mail is not a panacea

Let’s be clear, I very much support expanded access to vote by mail. I support the ongoing TDP lawsuit to force expanded vote by mail, and I would very much advise anyone who is at risk for COVID-19 to apply … Continue reading

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And now, a few words about tigers

We have a lot of them in Texas, and as is the way in this state, there’s little to no regulation of them. Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Texas, announced on Monday that he is co-sponsoring the┬áBig Cat Public … Continue reading

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