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Senate is right back on the anti-trans agenda

In case you were wondering.

The Texas Senate on Monday quickly revived and advanced a bill banning gender-affirming health care for children under 18, days after a similar House bill failed to advance in the lower chamber.

Under Senate Bill 1311, any physician who prescribes hormone therapy or puberty suppression treatment for the purpose of gender transitioning would have their medical license revoked and could not be covered under liability insurance. It would also apply to doctors who perform transition-related surgeries for children, which is rarely used before puberty. The Senate gave the bill initial approval in a 17-13 vote. The bill still needs a final approval in the upper chamber before it can be considered by the House.

LGBTQ advocates have decried the bill as unconstitutional and criticized its negative impact on mental health. In a Senate State Affairs committee hearing, transgender Texans and medical experts testified that access to gender confirmation care is key to reducing the elevated risks of suicide and depression among transgender Texans. Businesses leaders also singled out S.B. 1311 as a bill they say may scare workers and businesses away from Texas.

The bill’s author, Edgewood Republican Bob Hall, said its intent was to improve the mental health of Texans who may later come to regret their transition, citing statistics that many children may cease to experience gender dysphoria later in life.

However, experts have said those studies often include children who aren’t transgender, but just don’t conform to typical gender norms, such as a boy who plays with dolls.


Last week, Lambda Legal and the ACLU of Texas vowed to challenge in court House Bill 1399, the House’s version of the ban, if it passed. Though the bill later failed to meet a deadline in the House last week, Shelly Skeen, a senior attorney for Lambda Legal said the bills were “nearly identical” and presented similar legal issues.

See here for the previous update. Two things you need to keep in mind. One is that Bob Hall is a hydroxychlorquine humper, which among many other things makes him completely unqualified to offer any medical opinions about anything. And two, I’ll let Ross Ramsey explain.

[L]awmakers have a sprint in front of them as they hurry to finish the work they promised voters earlier in the session. They have two weeks left on the calendar, but earlier deadlines loom on their internal calendars. It’s already too late for a House bill to be considered for the first time in the House; another deadline — for Senate bills — comes next Tuesday.

The legislation promised and proposed after February’s storm and the outages that came with it — from a warning system for the state when something like that is approaching to weatherization that would help electric plants stay in operation — still hasn’t won legislative approval.

The state budget is pending, but on track. But lawmakers haven’t explained how they’ll spend billions in federal relief money that isn’t included in that budget. That’s still on the list. So are many of the police reforms promised by Abbott and others after Minneapolis police killed George Floyd almost a year ago.

The list of things still undone is formidable — a regular feature of this stage of a legislative session.

Lawmakers haven’t finished yet, but they haven’t had to. Now they’re up against a hard deadline. That’s when we find out what they really think is necessary.

This is what the Senate has prioritized. Never forget that. This is what 2022 has to be about.

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  1. Bill Daniels says:

    It just passed the Senate vote 17-13. Genital mutilation and chemical castration of children is one step closer to being outlawed in Texas. It’s crazy we even have to pass laws against that sort of thing, and it’s weird how people who are vehemently against chemical castration of pedophiles support and celebrate chemically castrating innocent kids.

    Cognitive dissonance.

  2. C.L. says:

    I’m glad this issue has top billing in the Texas Lege over other issues like updating/winterizing the power grid, providing health insurance/medical care options and assistance to the 18% of Texans who don’t have it, infrastructure improvements, the ‘Ike Dike’, etc. Sounds like they have their priorities in order.

  3. Bill Daniels says:

    The best way to get people medical insurance is to get them back to work, since the most common way people in Texas get health insurance is via their employer. So ending the ‘enhanced’ unemployment payments is helping Texans help themselves, pushing them back to work. That’s the greatest thing we could be doing right now to get more Texans insured. That’s before we even talk about the psychological benefits of being gainfully employed…building people’s confidence, their sense of self worth, helping people gain the confidence and self esteem that comes with taking care of yourself, vs. BEING taken care of by others.

    I do agree that something needs to be done to make sure that our power supply infrastructure is hardened to avoid another Coldpocalypse situation. And if we had to choose, I’d pick making sure that is done over protecting children from being mutilated, but I’m really hoping we can walk and chew gum at the same time. Protecting our communities from blackouts AND protecting our vulnerable children….we should be able to do both.

  4. Bill Daniels says:

    There’s another way for Americans to get medical care, if they don’t want to work for it like everyone else. Simply renounce American citizenship, go to Mexico then come back and turn yourself in. You’ll end up in very nice government housing where medical care and even chefs are provided for you, all for free, right here in Texas:

    “EXCLUSIVE: ‘They have doctors and chefs – they’re living better than us!’ Angry Texas residents tell how the Biden administration is housing over 500 migrant youths at an all-inclusive $33m ‘man camp’ just feet away from their homes

    About 500 migrant youths are being housed at a ‘man camp’ in Midland, Texas that was constructed in 2012 to temporarily house workers in the oil industry
    Shon Crabtree, 42, lives across the street from the Federal Government’s newest unaccompanied minor immigration detention facility and is clearly disgruntled
    ‘I’m worried about some of them escaping and coming to my house and holding my family hostage until they get what they want or taking a vehicle. We are scared,’ Crabtree told
    The migrant children, who appear to be 12-17 years in age, are mainly from Central America visited the camp where there is a small wooden 4 ft. fence that surrounds the property with federal police vehicles positioned outside of the facility on the roadway 24 hours a day
    According to their website, Cotton Logistics opened their Midland facility in 2012 and has 700 beds. The man camps are built like all-inclusive hotels with five-star hospitality, wireless internet and cable TV
    Officials say that there are now more than 14,000 migrant youths being held in federal custody – more than three times the largest number of children held under the previous administration”

    Just another example of the Biden junta putting the needs of foreigners ahead of the needs of American citizens.

    Joe idled oil and gas workers who made America energy independent, put them out of jobs, and instead brought in a whole crew of non working foreigners who are housed where the oil and gas workers used to be housed.

    non working foreigners > hard working American citizens

  5. C.L. says:


    All adults uninsured, 19-64 years of age
    Texas Uninsured: 24%
    U.S. Uninsured: 13%

    Uninsured women 19-64
    Texas Uninsured: 23%
    U.S. Uninsured: 11%

    Uninsured men 19-64
    Texas Uninsured: 25%
    U.S. Uninsured: 14%

    Nonelderly uninsured- at least one full-time worker
    Texas Uninsured: 76%
    U.S. Uninsured: 72%

    Nonelderly uninsured by race/ethnicity
    Texas Uninsured
    White – 24%
    Black – 10%
    Hispanic – 61%
    Other – 5%

    U.S. Uninsured
    White – 41%
    Black – 14%
    Hispanic – 37%
    Other – 8%

    Uninsured rates for the nonelderly by age
    Texas Uninsured
    Children 18 and under – 18%
    Adults 19-64 – 83%

    U.S. Uninsured
    Children 18 and under – 14%
    Adults 19-64 – 86%

  6. Bill Daniels says:

    Well, lookie who got donations from one of the larger kid castration mills in Texas….none other than Abbott, Patrick, and Phelan. If legislation isn’t passed to protect kids, maybe this will be why.

    “Texas Republicans Received $250K from Clinic That Chemically Castrates Children. These same Republicans blocked multiple transgender minor bills that would protect children from transitioning experiments.

    Campaign Finance records show that Texas Governor Abbott, Lt Governor Dan Patrick, and House Speaker Dade Phelan received hundreds of thousands of dollars from a PAC for a clinic that offers chemical castrations to transgender children.

    UT Southwestern Medical Center offers hormone therapy, chemical castration, menstruation suppression, and puberty blockers to minors who struggle with gender dysphoria. Campaign finance records show that the friends of UT Southwestern Center handed out well over $250,000 to Abbott, Patrick, and Phelan since 2015.

    Governor Abbott, Dan Patrick, and Dade Phelan are responsible for speaking out against and blocking multiple transgender minor bills in the Texas House and the Senate. It is more than obvious that these elected officials do not represent the interests of their constituents, but more so the interest of the Chemical Castration Lobby.

    We must hold these elected officials accountable. Hold the Line PAC is dedicated to Holding the Line on social issues and protecting our children. We will not give an inch to the radical left simply because Republicans are bought and paid for by lobbyists. We must keep the pressure on Texas Republicans to replace every elected official who have left our children at the mercy of the LGBTQ Lobby.”