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Early voting: Quote this!

It’s come to my attention that Roy Morales has used a couple of quotes from this blog on his latest mailer. As the mailer was done in the same clownish style as the recent HCRP video, I won’t bother linking to an image of it – it’s nothing you haven’t seen or heard over and over again from Morales. He’s a one-note candidate, and he’s playing that note for all it’s worth. However, since Roy has been citing my blog as an authoritative source in this race, I’d like to offer him a quote he can use in his next mailer. Here it is:

“Roy Morales is a race-baiting fear mongerer who is supremely unqualified to serve on City Council.”

I offer this quote free of charge, though I hope whoever Roy hires to print the mailer for it gets paid in cash in advance.

Now then. For more positive quotage, I submit to you the Chron’s re-endorsement of the one real candidate in this race, Melissa Noriega:

In the runoff election to choose City Council member, At-large Position 3, the Chronicle reiterates its endorsement of candidate Melissa Noriega.

The June 16 election (early voting continues through June 12) will decide a replacement for former Councilwoman Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, who left the position for a brief term in Congress.

The new council member must help guide Houston through public safety decisions, such as how best to deploy our overworked, shorthanded police force, and an immigration debate that reverberates nationally.

Noriega, who impressively filled in for her husband, state Rep. Rick Noriega, when he was deployed with his National Guard unit to Afghanistan, is realistic and informed on these issues.

She gives priority to boosting the number of active patrol officers, ensuring that they are adequately equipped and letting them focus on police duties rather than diluting their efforts by doing the job of federal immigration officials.

Noriega also grasps that quality of life, including a clean, well-planned environment, is not a luxury but a necessity for Houston’s economic future.

Finally, as a longtime school administrator, Noriega has crucial firsthand knowledge of the needs of Houston’s youngest citizens. Voters already recognize Noriega’s promise, nearly handing her a victory in last month’s regular election. The Chronicle encourages even stronger support when voters cast their runoff election ballots early or return to the polls on June 16.

In summary:

Get out there and vote!

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  1. john cobarruvias says:

    How can elected officials like Eckels endorse this hate monger?

  2. Smarty Pants Liberal says:

    Thank you for telling it like it is. I’m proud of you.

  3. Michael Hurta says:

    What quote from you did he use?

  4. Souperman says:

    Voted today at the Metropolitan MSC – I noticed that along with the Noriega and (hopefully paid for this time) Morales signs, there were a couple for John Marron out front. Struck me as interesting that he’s already putting out signs for an election that won’t take place for another five months.