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Postcards from the Responsibility Era

Letter to the Editor:

Do all the Bush-bashers really believe that if John Kerry had won that he would not have had an even grander inaugural ceremony? Please!

Sugar Land

Memo to Linda Snyder’s children: The next time your mom tries to punish you for misbehavior, remember that “Everyone else does it!” is now considered to be an affirmative defense. Somewhere, Harvey Richards is smiling.

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  1. kevin whited says:

    Most newspaper letters pages are just a snooze (big opinion leaders like the WSJ and NYT are a bit different).

    The Chron’s is definitely in the snooze category.

    As some point, I hope more local newspapers realize how much valuable space they’re wasting with a 19th century “letters” section and do away with it altogether. Replace it with online technology (comments, trackback, etc) for community involvement that’s more inclusive, and less dependent on the judgment of editors.

    Oops, that last part means we probably won’t see it happen really soon. 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    So what’s Ms. Snyder’s point down there in DeLay Country?

    Yes, if Kerry threw a big bash, the conservatives would be whining about the cost and inappropriateness of it. But Bush diod, not Kerry, so it’s the liberals who do the same?

    All it means is that a lot of partisans, regardless of party affiliation, are hypocrites, or at minimum simply subject to bouts of selective outrage. Nothing new here. Move along people; nothing to see here.