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“Oh, no, there goes Tokyo”

Go, go to see Godzilla, this weekend at the Museum of Fine Arts.

The original Godzilla returns to the big screen in this restored print featuring 40 minutes of previously unseen footage. When the sea erupts, a Japanese steamer sinks in flames, a rescue ship disappears, and a few incoherent survivors babble about a monster! This first Godzilla is truly terrifying—a 30-story Jurassic behemoth intent on destroying the city: an exquisitely detailed miniature Tokyo created by special-effects genius Eiji Tsubaraya. Godzilla is one of the great films by sci-fi master Ishirô Honda (Akira Kurosawa´s close friend and occasional second unit director).

Looks like Pete may have picked the wrong time to go to Sundance.

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