Your daily Heflin Challenge update

The Chron, which you may recall endorsed Talmadge Heflin for the November election, calls him the poorest loser and urges him to drop his electoral challenge against Rep. Hubert Vo.

I don’t know much about the International Labor Communications Association, but they have two interesting posts up regarding the details of the challenge hearing from last week. This one shows Andy Taylor’s retreat from the wild and ill-founded allegations of fraud that he was spreading around like grass seed as recently as a week ago, while this one concludes that when all is said and done, the revised count done by Discovery Master Will Hartnett will still result with Vo in the lead (latter link via Byron). Stay tuned.

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  1. Poor Losers, Poorer Losers and The POOREST Loser

    Meet Talmadge Heflin [Houston Chronicle Editorial] Via Greg and Kuff….

  2. You might be interested in an article Greg Moses had in CounterPunch yesterday about Heflin, “The Real Scandals of the Texas Election”:

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