When you gotta go…

There’s nothing wrong with doing a story about the availability of public toilets downtown. Doing such a story without mentioning that there are in fact public toilets downtown – indeed, doing such a story in such a way as to give the impression that there are no public toilets downtown – that’s not so good. But it’s what KHOU did this evening.

I’m talking about the downtown tunnel system, folks. You can’t tell from a street-level map, but once you’re in the tunnels, the maps they have down there very clearly mark where the various public facilities are. Oddly enough, all the Googling I did on “houston downtown tunnel” did not give me a single link that mentioned the presence of bathrooms in the tunnels, so KHOU missed an opportunity to educate here. Trust me on this – if you go in the tunnels, just look at a map there and you’ll find what you need.

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8 Responses to When you gotta go…

  1. I really think they should go back to the way the tunnels used to be — well, before my time, but the way my father tells me they used to be — with no maps at all. You get down there and get lost? Come up in an entirely different part of town? Too bad! Mwahahah and all that.

    Seriously, though, the downtown tunnel system is something remarkably few Houstonians even know exist. I mention it to people from time to time, people who have lived there their entire lives (but work in the Galleria or otherwise elsewhere), and get surprised “but Houston’s a swamp and we’re not even supposed to have basements!” looks.

  2. Demo Memo says:

    Problem with public toilets in the tunnels is that the tunnels aren’t public space.

    Well, technically, pieces of them are–the parts under the streets. But the tunnels also connect through building basements, which are private land. And all of the access points are (or were; I haven’t lived in Houston for a long time) on private property as well.

    Only toilets that installed and maintained by the city under the street rights-of-way would be genuinely public. Anyone deemed “undesirable” by a landlord could be barred from using a toilet on private property and even from passing through on hisorher way to a toilet elsewhere.

    Unless there has been in recent years a comprehensive public access agreement between the building owners and the city, the tunnel system has more in common with a shopping mall than with public space.

    Are there any public toilets in downtown that are accessible from a sidewalk or public park?

  3. Jim D says:

    Wow, we have underground tunnels?!?

  4. Chris says:

    How did you get this information?? Are you aware that possession, distribution, manufacture or serving this type of information without proper clearance from the DHS is illegal. I just love it when our precious media elite, the effete products of public schooling and land grant colleges, takes it upon themselves to spread or fail to spread such mission critical information.

  5. Adrianne – My first experiences in the tunnels were circa 1993-94, when I was working at 1600 Smith Street. That’s at the far end of the system to begin with, and what was there was not at all well-marked. Had I not only tunnelled with coworkers, I’d have undoubtedly gotten hideously lost.

    Demo – The story was aimed at visitors to Houston and downtown, so I doubt there’d be much issue with undesireableness. Your point is well-taken, but in my experience there’s unlikely to be much of a problem for anyone.

    Chris – I have my sources. 🙂

  6. Doug Strahm says:

    Great map of the tunnels! Never get lost again.

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  8. JordanFogal says:

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