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Craddick subpoenaed

Tom Craddick has been called to testify in the civil suit against TRMPAC Treasurer Bill Ceverha.

In addition to Craddick, a subpoena also has been issued to Texas Association of Business President Bill Hammond. He once bragged that TAB had spent more than $1.9 million in corporate money to help Republican House candidates in the 2002 campaign, which resulted in a GOP takeover of the Texas House.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs want to show that Hammond’s activities were coordinated with those of Texans for a Republican Majority, or TRMPAC.


Though Craddick is not a defendant in the trial, the case may shed more light on what role he played in helping TRMPAC raise and spend corporate money.

The trial begins Monday. Craddick’s lawyer Roy Minton said the speaker has been subpoenaed to testify Tuesday, but he has asked lawyers for the Democratic plaintiffs to set a time when Craddick’s testimony would not conflict with House business.

“There’s no problem. He’ll testify and answer whatever questions are asked of him,” Minton said.

Minton said he has no concerns about Craddick testifying in the civil case while the grand jury investigation is proceeding.


Hammond also is tentatively scheduled to testify Tuesday, said his lawyer, Andy Taylor.

Taylor said he does not think Hammond will be asked to testify about the direct mail campaign TAB used in the elections. He said subpoenas indicate Hammond’s testimony will be limited to how TRMPAC used a TAB mailing and helped pay for a telephone bank operation.

It all starts Monday, so get ready. I do hope these guys have a surprise or two in store, because you can be sure that Craddick and Hammond will have their answers prepared.

One more thing:

Another lawsuit against TRMPAC and one against TAB are not close to going to trial, said attorney Randall “Buck” Wood.

The lawsuit that begins Monday before state District Judge Joseph Hart of Austin was brought by Paul Clayton of Orange, Mike Head of Athens, David Lengenfeld of Hamilton, Ann Kitchen of Austin and Danny Duncan of Commerce.

With so much legal activity surrounding the 2002 elections, it’s hard to keep it all straight. The first lawsuit that I know of is apparently the one against TAB. I’ll have to check the Chronicle archives, but as I recall former Rep. Debra Danburg of Houston was one of the plaintiffs.

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  1. Jack Cluth says:

    So it’s true, then…Texas Republicans really DO eat their young…. ;o)

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