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Weekend link dump for February 13

One downside of living in a warm place is that you don’t get to give cool names to snowplows.

“Covid-19 vaccines for young children are coming. But it’s complicated.”

“31 states have laws that allow forced sterilizations, new report shows”.

“Concerns about vaccine risks aren’t new. But quotes from parents show that’s not the only thing going on here. Instead, lack of concern about Covid has a key role in leading parents to weigh vaccine risks more heavily than they otherwise likely would.”

How Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand came to be.

“The thing you need to understand about today’s Zillow find is that it was built in 2010 in the United States of America.”

RIP, Gary DeLaune, longtime San Antonio broadcast journalist who was the first to go on the air with news of the Kennedy assassination.

“Nothing says “edgy” like a white guy who “does his own research” spouting long debunked ideas in 2015 that were more eloquently promoted by the notoriously edgy John C Calhoun in the 1830s.”

“A group of fed-up Canadians has filed a $9.8 million class-action lawsuit against a mob of anti-vaccine truckers who have packed downtown Ottawa for a week, blasting the ear-piercing air horns of their vehicles day and night.”

“On the issue of media representation of secularism and secular Americans”.

“Former mayoral candidate Tony Buzbee is now accepting Bitcoin for his Tudor-style residence in Houston’s prestigious River Oaks neighborhood.” The asking price is $27.5 million, though depending on the value of Bitcoin on any given day, who knows how much it will actually cost. If the tank came with the place I’d consider making an offer, but alas, it does not.

“A pair of researchers has proposed that companies precompute certain data when the grid is humming with solar or wind power, and then stash it away for later use. […] This is digital, more of a timing strategy than a real battery, aimed at getting data-hungry companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, Apple, and Netflix to use clean power when it’s plentiful so utilities can avoid burning fossil fuels when it’s not.”

RIP, Gerald Williams, former MLB outfielder.

RIP, Douglas Trumbull, Oscar-nominated visual effects pioneer who worked on “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, and “Blade Runner”, among others.

Some hot Republican-on-Republican action.

“After Rogan apologized for repeatedly using a racial slur, however, some in the conservative media turned on him.”

“Jimmy Carr’s Abhorrent Holocaust Joke Counterintuitively Illustrates the Value of the First Amendment”.

Crosby, Stills, and Nash once again join with Young.

“The North Carolina State Board of Elections is asserting a right to keep far-right Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), who’s currently being scrutinized over his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, off the ballot ahead of the 2022 midterms if it so chooses.”

“I’m angry, disappointed, frustrated and bewildered by Whoever It Is Who Now Owns Patheos’ decision to pull the plug on what was once the Atheist Channel. It was an ill-conceived, self-destructive, damaging move for this platform, and doesn’t portend anything good. But I’m also glad it happened.”

“13 mammoth facts about mammoths”.

“One persistent problem in coverage of Trump and his enablers (erstwhile and ongoing) is a sort of tyranny of low expectations—the idea that Trump lowered the bar for conduct in public office to such a degree that commentators start to see behavior that clears it as praiseworthy, not so fundamental that it should pass without comment.”

“Do you consider using bear spray on law enforcement officers legitimate political discourse?”

Expect to see a whole lot of crypto ads during the Super Bowl today.

“The Kraken is still backtrackin’.”

“That’s right. The DOJ would have a hard time prosecuting the story that The New York Times is downplaying because it spent too much capital on the story that The New York Times pressed relentlessly. Funny how that works.”

RIP, Ian McDonald, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter best known for his co-founding roles in both King Crimson and Foreigner.

““Brotherhood of Man” is mesmerizing and cursed, a sunny slice of forced corporate frivolity that conceals remarkable darkness.”

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