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It’s not about Roy

Thus says Miya:

I am a little surprised that the Morales campaign has decided against being interviewed on TV for a pre-election profile. A little refresher, a profile piece is where we spend about 90 seconds of news time to run down why the two candidates are running for council. It’s basic, there are no “hidden” agendas, and it’s just a chance for candidates to tell viewers who they should vote for. Oh, and it’s basically free TV — which, last time I checked, is something politicians LOVE. However, after repeated attempts to set up an interview before Saturday’s runoff election, campaign manager Justin Jordan finally told me that they don’t have time. Morales is too busy. WHAT? Has anyone been to candidate school lately? When are local politicians ever too busy for local TV? I may not be the most experienced reporter around, but I’ve never had a council candidate who wants to be elected turn down free air time.

The reason for this is simple. This campaign, at least at this point in time, isn’t about Roy. It’s about all those scary people that Jared Woodfill and company are afraid of (and want you to be afraid of, too). There’s a reason the entire runoff strategy has been about fear and loathing. You can’t beat something with nothing. You can only hope to tear it down.

It’s not about Roy. That’s pretty much all there is to it. When you view it that way, it makes perfect sense.

Okay, so this is the antepenultimate time I’ll run that picture. As soon as I figure out what comes before “antepenultimate”, I’ll apologize for the goof.

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