I don’t really know what the White Oak Bike Trail extension is going to look like

There’s not a whole lot of change since the last update a month ago, at least in terms of how things look and what the final shape of the update might be. There are two particular areas of question for me, and that’s what this update will focus on. First things first, what exactly are the building on the west side of the extension?


This picture looks a lot like the one from last month’s update, and I’m still not sure what they’re doing with the part on the right. The difference in color and the shape of the brock wall make me think this will eventually be a stairway, but the more I look at it the less I understand why. There’s not really anything analogous to this elsewhere on the trail, and it’s far enough away from what looks like the actual trail that I wonder what the reason is for the separation. Could it be leading to something other than back to the trail and its junction with the MKT Trail? I have no idea, and if it is I don’t know what it would be leading to. I guess I could approach this from the MKT Trail side, but I’m leery of entering the construction area, which I’m sure would be viewed as trespassing.

I also note the flat surface immediately to the left of the maybe-stairs, which is now used by the construction machinery. Is it possible this will remain like that and serve as a path as well? What in the world would be the purpose of it if it does? All we can really do is wait for the construction to get to a point where it all makes sense. In the meantime, it’s making me a little crazy.

The other item is the connection across that culvert that I’ve noted before:


The concrete retaining walls, and whatever that tunnel for bayou overflow water is, appears to be the main focus of the construction lately. The question I had before still remains, which is how the extension to the west of that culvert will connect to the still-to-be-laid-out extension to the east of it. At this point, the only way forward appears to be over the culvert, but as yet there’s no indication what the plan to accomplish that is. While there’s more dirt piled up on the east side of it now, there’s no actual construction activity over there yet. Like I said, the anticipation is killing me.

With the completion of the MKT Bridge repairs, this is the only construction project to complete. Maybe that will move things along faster. You know I’ll be keeping an eye on it and letting you know what I see.

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4 Responses to I don’t really know what the White Oak Bike Trail extension is going to look like

  1. J says:

    I wasn’t able to find any plans online. I noticed a few years back when they were replacing some of the concrete walls of the channel that the bird watching was quite good, as they had disrupted and diverted the water in the construction area and the herons would gather to fish there. They have built another silly Houston park across the way but it still looks out over the 60’s era concrete channel which isn’t good for any wildlife observation. I wish they would make the channel more natural, then the wildlife would come and they could put wildlife viewing balconies on both sides.

    I am not sure they did anything more to the bridge. Maybe they just reevaluated it and decided it was ok after all.

  2. Alex says:

    I was thinking that the actual trail will be the path in the middle of the first picture, as it seems to lead to the concrete culver segments placed in the drainage channel. The “stairs” you mention – that looks like a retaining wall structure to keep whatever is uphill of the new trail in place. Especially in the case of large scale flooding, with the bayou curving right there. The roadway closest to the bayou is probably just for getting construction vehicles and material in & out. Just my thoughts..

  3. Zweiradreiter says:

    The bike trail has gotta go over the bridge to be installed atop the culvert, don’t you think?

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