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Texas blog roundup for the week of July 18

The Texas Progressive Alliance remains overwhelmed by the news but brings you weekly roundups anyway.

Off the Kuff has the first fully post-Dobbs poll to analyze.

SocraticGadfly calls out the “Deep in the Heart” Texas wildlife film for Texas exceptionalism and greenwashing, among other things.

Stace gives us his take on the FLOTUS taco controversy and how Dems lose opportunities to capture Latino votes.


And here are some posts from other Texas blogs.

Mark Pitcavage corrects the title of a new HBO show.

The TSTA blog reminds us that a revenue windfall for Texas is only good news for public schools if the Legislature sees fit to make it good for them.

The Dallas Observer notes that the Texas Secretary of State is still a Big Lie aficionado.

The Austin Chronicle sums up Ken Paxton’s latest threat to society.

Steve Vladeck documents how the state of Texas has hand-picked the judges hearing most of its 27 challenges to Biden administration policies.

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