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Pop culture has truly passed me by

Am I the last person on earth to realize that that actually is Darius “Hootie” Rucker in that bizarro Burger King ad? I swear, I thought that Boondocks comic was a joke. Whatever motivated him to do this ad is unfathomable to me. Well, okay, not completely unfathomable, but still. There are some things money can’t get me to do. That commercial would have been one of them.

And I didn’t realize that was Brooke Burke at the end of the ad, either. Show of hands here – who thinks Brooke Burke has ever eaten at Burger King in her life? Yeah, me neither.

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  1. Jim D says:

    It was my dad who pointed out Hootie to me in that commercial. That’s pretty sad.

  2. William Hughes says:

    The first time I saw that commercial, I wasn’t sure if it was real or a spoof a la Saturday Night Live. Now I think: “That is just so wrong”.

    Brooke Burke might have had a salad there once. She also might like the new Enormous Omelet (more information at: You never know. 🙂

  3. Sue says:

    For a few weeks, I refused to admit it was Hootie, but I’m forced to deal with it now, so I choose to believe that it’s 1) better than a sucky album, and 2) only meant to air in Japan.

    It’s kinda strange, though, to see some of the people I’ve been seeing in commercials lately. Marissa Tomei did a commercial for somebody recently. Now, granted, most of her career hasn’t been that memorable, but the woman has won an Oscar. It’s really not all that often you see Oscar winners in commercials.

  4. Patrick says:

    Since I pointed it out to Trish last week, yeah, I think you may be the last person on earth to have had the BK Bacon Cheddar Hootie epiphany. It is a bit shocking when it hits you.

    Of course, before you feel too bad had you even thought about Darius Rucker for a millisecond in the past year? Now he’s got buzz.

  5. John says:

    Don’t feel bad – I have no idea what you’re talking about. Since getting Tivo, I don’t watch commercials.

  6. Robert Boyd says:

    I’ve always loathed Hootie and the Blowfish, so the leader’s appearance in a Burger King ad hardly seems like a comedown to me.

    Indeed, I like those ads a lot. For all the wrong reasons.

  7. Rob Humenik says:

    I actually think that ad is somewhat cool in a surreal way.

    There is also some other weird commercial making the rounds right now with a dude dressed up like a bear. I think it’s for bottled water or something. It’s very odd.

    I’ll say one thing about these ads… Like them or not, they got me to stop the TiVo and check out what the hell was going on.

  8. Sue says:

    I rarely see commercials anymore, either, because we have TiVo, but I think the first time I saw the ad was because I was fast forwarding past commercials and had to back up to see if I was hallucinating.

  9. Brook Burke Eats at Burger King?

    Good question about Brook Burke….

  10. citizen Able says:

    My son laughs out loud at the king on that commercial. His costume is over-the-top.

    My family just got cable as part of an internet-provider/phone/TV package with Grandé Communications.

    What a wasteland! Out of 80+ channels there are maybe one or two programs I might try to catch.

    Commercials are some of the best things on, compared to the rest of the dreck.

  11. Magnum says:

    Never having been a fan of the group, I was merely amused by the commercial; the true fans, however, have my sympathy, most sincere. How that must’ve hurt.