Life in Midlothian

D Magazine has a long essay by Midlothian resident Tom Boyle, whom I’ve mentioned here before in conjunction with the fight against pollution from cement plants there, on how he and his wife Julie came to be environmental activists. It’s a very interesting read, and the followup story about birth defects in children and animals in the area since the plants started burning hazardous waste is hair-raising. Check them out.

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4 Responses to Life in Midlothian

  1. bluebonnet says:

    That article is a must-read, Charles. Thanks so much for linking to it. What an amazing and very disturbing tale.

  2. says:

    We’ll never look at cement the same way again.

    Off the Kuff links to a story in D Magazine that is a must-read. After reading the article, we are very glad not to live Midlothian, but certainly the residents of the town deserve better than to be inundated by…

  3. says:

    Sometimes you feel like moving

    In the wake of the recent passing of HJR 6 by the Texas House and this story, which highlights everything that is wrong with Texas schools and the marriage of big business and government, I’m left to wonder what the hell I’m still doing in this state. …

  4. stacy clark says:

    I grew up in New York state in the 60s and 70’s and back then, we were all concerned with the environment. Love Canal made the headlines often and I remember my dismay as a young child at what had happened in that Midlothian-like town in upper state New York. The Boyle’s story is a fascinating – and admittedly heartbreaking – read for anyone who puts human health and education ahead of loop-hole digging corporate polluters. What’s happening in Midlothian is something that every Texan, native or not, needs to be paying close attention to! We all need to be showing up and making our voices part of the debate. Only then will we be able to protect ourselves and our families!

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