A bit of DeLay fatigue

I haven’t had much to say lately about everyone’s favorite corrupt House Majority Leader. Not because there hasn’t been anything to say or because I’ve lost interest in watching his inexorable descent, not at all. It’s just that there’s so darned much out there, it’s impossible to keep up. Thankfully, there are several good places to go for a regular and fairly comprehensive dose of DeLay coverage. Jack, who suffers from being a DeLay constituent, is on a tear with his And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer demagogue series. The HoustonDemocrats.com blog has been keeping up with the local anti-DeLay protests as well as the more national stories. And of course there are the heavy hitters, the Daily DeLay, the Stakeholder, and Josh Marshall, all of whom cover a broad and deep range of territory. Keep these sites in your rotation and you’ll stay on top of all the dirt. And don’t worry, I’ll be looking for stuff to post on as well. I’m just happy for now to enjoy their hard work.

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4 Responses to A bit of DeLay fatigue

  1. Jack Cluth says:

    Thanks for the plug! I am concerned, though…at what point does “corruption fatigue” begin to set in?? I think DeLay is counting on the miniscule public attention span to wane- if it hasn’t already.

  2. PDiddie says:

    Is there such a thing as “people of faith fatigue”?

    Because if there is, I got a raging case of it.

  3. Patrick says:

    I would be very careful about just how much daily attention is given to Rep. Delay. He ain’t completely stupid. If the constant drumbeat against him continues (especially from national sources), I think the electorate in CD22 will reach a tipping point where the facts will matter less than the perception that people OUTSIDE CD22 are trying to tell the voters of CD 22 how to vote. A bit of “Yeah, he’s an asshole, but he’s my district’s asshole, so butt out” backlash if you will.

    And he’s crafty. I honestly think he says things to bait people into to trashing him so he can turn it around as outsiders trying to run his district. I can see the TV ads now.

    The pressure has to be brought slowly and on more than one front. Directly I’d recommend, less frequent reports, but more raw facts, less snark and more local content. Inside CD 22 is better. I still think he’s more likely to be taken in a Republican primary than by a Democrat but it is a daunting task and any GOP challenger would have 1 shot. The phrase “If you set out to kill the king, you’d better kill the king” comes to mind.

    In the general election, though Morrison earned the admiration of many for beign brave enough to challenge Delay, I think both Lampson and Quan will present more formidable threats to Delay. Morrison while enthusiastic, lacks a political polish and gravitas that are necessary to get him over the top. Just my opinion.

    The oblique challenge to Delay has to come from within his party. Folks in republican districts need to contact their representatives and express their displeasure that he has been selected as the majority leader in the House. I’m just unlucky enough to be represented by John Culberson, the Roscoe P. Coltrane to Delay’s Boss Hogg.

    Without a doublt it’s a tough task, but Delay can be had…and he knows it.

  4. Too much information

    Sometimes you get overloaded with all the information floating in the ether. I have to step back and see where my feet are… Every once in a while I dig into my library and reread books that meant something

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