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Regular radio reminder

Tomorrow is my now-apparently-regular gig on BizRadio 1320 at 10:30 along with Kevin. This one will be from the road, as Tiffany and I are taking Olivia to her first swimming lesson at 9:30 out in West Houston (long story short – we “won” these baby swim lessons at a silent auction). The lesson is supposed to be done by 10, so I will hopefully be out of the pool and dried off in time for their call to my cell at 10:15. If not, Tiffany may have to pinch hit for me, in which case hijinx is certain to ensue. Tune in tomorrow morning to see for yourself if I can avert catastrophe and make it to the phone on time.

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One Comment

  1. Amy says:

    So, when are you posting MP3s??? I wanna hear!