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Radio from the road

Yes, I managed to survive Olivia’s swim lesson today and make it to my cellphone on time to do the weekly gig on BizRadio 1320 today. And before anyone asks, no, I wasn’t talking while driving – Tiffany drove us all home while I gabbed. We talked about Olivia’s poolside debut (and later on, Olivia spoke up to make her radio debut as well), about the mega telecom bill that you’ve been seeing ads about, about the Enron Broadband trial (check for an update on that one today), and finally about the awesome Plunk Biggio blog. Kevin (who talked about homeowners’ association madness, a sexual harassment lawsuit against HPD, and the new library rules) and I were on for quite awhile this time, longer than either of the first two times. That was cool, but boy do I expect a much bigger MP3 file this week.

And speaking of which, here at long last are the MP3s from the first two weeks: my radio debut and my Peter Brady voice-change performance. I will probably only keep two or three of these on my site at a time, so click to listen now as they won’t be there forever.

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