Texas blog roundup for the week of December 26

The Texas Progressive Alliance wishes everyone a Happy Boxing Day as it brings you the last blog roundup of 2022.

Off the Kuff compared Beto’s performance in Harris County in 2022 to his performance in 2018 and Joe Biden’s in 2020.

SocraticGadfly wished a merry f*cking Christmas to Robert Jeffress for cavorting with Belial.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Paradise in Hell once again channels Donald Trump.

The Current looks at the causes and effects of pandemic fatigue.

The Texas Signal casts a wary eye at the forthcoming legislative session.

Elise Hu writes up her year that was.

Robert Rivard laments how easy it is for bad cops to get hired by one law enforcement agency after another.

Block Club Chicago and Borderless Magazine followed 10 of the thousands of Venezuelan migrants sent to Chicago as part of Texas Gov. Abbott’s political stunt this year.

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