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“Get Out The Vo” article up

Here’s the promised link to that Texas Monthly article on Hubert Vo. It’ll be up till Monday, at which point I’ve been asked to take it down, so read it now while you can. The piece is in the June issue of the print version of the magazine.

One bit to highlight:

The growing political power of Houston’s Asian Americans may be felt in a number of races next November. DeLay’s reelection campaign will be the most closely watched, but the fate of several other Anglo Republicans, among them state senator Kyle Janek and state representative Joe Nixon, may also be in question. Janek’s district stretches from Alief to Port Arthur, which is home to a sizable Vietnamese American population. Nixon’s district is bookended by Vo’s district to the west and [Scott] Hochberg’s to the east. “Both could be vulnerable if a Vo-like candidate runs,” observes political analyst [Dr. Richard] Murray. Republicans, who study the same demographic data, see the potential in recruiting Asian candidates; Vo says he has already been approached by a high-ranking member of the Legislature (he won’t say who) who asked him to consider switching parties. He has grown accustomed to Republicans’ questioning his party affiliation. “They say, ‘You’re a self-made man,’” he explains. “‘You didn’t need welfare and food stamps to succeed. So why aren’t you with the Republican party?’” But Vo has no plans to switch.

I’ve talked about Moldy Joe Nixon several times. At this time, as far as I know, there’s a candidate lined up to run against him, Robert Pham. Janek’s SD17 has certainly been talked about as a Democratic target – you think Congressional seats are safe, State Senate seats are practically bulletproof, so this is a big deal. I haven’t heard any rumors yet as to who may be looking at it, though. I had not heard about attempts to woo Vo to the GOP. I guess I’m not surprised they tried, and I’m equally not surprised that they failed. It’s about values – Hubert Vo’s values make him a Democrat. It’s as simple as that.

Anyway, like I said, read and enjoy now before it goes away.

UPDATE: Per my agreement with Texas Monthly, I have removed the link as of Monday, May 23.

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One Comment

  1. Red Dog says:

    I’m hope the whole state reads this article. Red Dog is proud to support Hubert Vo and will continue to do so.

    What have the GOPers got so say? ‘We run the Lege, so back off.’ Well, that’s true, and you suck at it.

    Beware the rising Asian Democratic wave!