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April traffic report

The hit count was about 52,000 for the month of April, with fairly steady daily totals throughout. I can’t actually remember anything exciting from a traffic-watching point of view for the month, so I’ll take this opportunity to say thank you as always for reading. I really appreciate it.

Top referrers and search terms are beneath the More link.

Aggregators, collections, indices, etc ====================================== 270: 205: Weblog referrers ================ 2090: Daily Kos
414: Pandagon
343: Political Animal
297: In the Pink Texas
265: Pink Dome
263: Atrios
250: The Burnt Orange Report
218: Air America Radio
195: Planet Figure
189: Greg's Opinion
175: Safety for Dummies
Top search terms ================ #reqs search term 408 real men of genius 305 mccourt memoir 224 schlitterbahn galveston 211 97.5 kiol 205 kiol 189 diane zamora 188 enron movie 165 off the kuff 163 baseball and steroids 162 dani ferro 155 armadillo palace 137 extreme home makeovers 121 ryan leaf 114 women of enron 102 ugly people 102 prime number algorithm 101 offthekuff 97 walton and johnson 96 american idol tryouts 95 melody townsel

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  1. truthserum says:

    congrats to you and your excellent blog!

  2. Pink Lady says:

    That was me, searching for “ugly people” – 102 times.

  3. sarah says:

    So, how does the growing popularity of RSS aggregators effect SiteMeter stats? I’m assuming that hits via Bloglines, etc. don’t show up?

  4. Sitemeter captures some RSS feed referrers. I don’t think it’s that many, but I can’t say for sure. I should note that these monthly totals do not come from Sitemeter but from my webhost, which provides a script to process the logfiles. The raw logs seem to capture Bloglines referrals pretty well.