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Express-News discovers blogs

The San Antonio Express-News has added a few blogs to its online publication. I can’t say there’s anything there that grabs my interest, but they do have a decent variety of topics, and I like the idea of temporary blogs for short-term events, like their Electronic Entertainment Expo blog. The Chron has done this in the past and did it again last week with the Dead Zone Diaries, which was a report from a research vessel on a swath of oxygen-depleted water that forms each summer in the Gulf of Mexico. The E-N also has the good taste to link to several San Antonio and Texas political bloggers, including yours truly. Thanks to The Jeffersonian for the catch.

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One Comment

  1. Nate says:

    My paper tried the temporary blog thing when the Lady Bears basketball team were making their run at the NCAA championship. It worked out really well.

    Still, I think it is a good idea for newspapers, especially small dailies, to start moving some part of their newsroom toward totally Web-based production. It is the wave of the future, especially with declining readership and increased costs for production. Yet, newspapers don’t do that.

    Blogs offer a really cheap way to begin offering Web-only content, but so many newspapers have resisted. I really can’t understand why.