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Strayhorn certifies the budget

Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn has certified the state’s budget as balanced, meaning it can go to Governor Perry without further intervention from the Lege. In 2003, Strayhorn initially refused to give her seal of approval, and that action, which came after months of Perry-baiting by Strayhorn about the budget cuts, was seen as strong evidence of her eventual intent to run for Governor herself. This year, the budget was mostly noncontroversial – hell, compared to the fights over HB2 and HB3, it was practically an afterthought – and Strayhorn has mostly been in the background as speculation swirls around Senator Hutchison. And speaking of KBH:

Referring to the legislative session that ended Monday, the senator said during a brief interview, “I was disappointed like every Texan that the key issue facing our state, which is school reform and a way to fund it that takes the burden off property owners, was not dealt with.”

“We have a situation in which the courts may be making the decision,” Hutchison said. “I think elected representatives should be making those decisions.”


Pressed on a timetable for her to announce whether she will challenge Perry, run for re-election or perhaps retire, a smiling Hutchison said only, “I will not be making an announcement today.”

I imagine KBH’s rebukes will become more pointed after that annoucement has been made. As for Strayhorn, I expect she’ll keep us on our toes as usual.

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