Weekend link dump for May 28

“According to a new study in the Nature journal Scientific Reports, composting food scraps results in 38 to 84 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than tossing them in landfills. Unlike trash in landfills, compost heaps are watered and turned, which aerates the decomposing waste and prevents bacteria from churning out as much methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.”

“New Ipsos poll suggests Trump and Christian nationalism have discredited religion in the eyes of many Americans”.

“Medical students say strict abortion laws are driving them away from pursuing careers as doctors in states where the procedure is banned.”

RIP, John Nova Lomax, folklorist, writer, documentarian, music appreciator, man about town, true son of Houston.

“The Russian government has permanently banned talk show hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and Seth Meyers from entering the country.”. That’ll frost ’em.

“The fascinating reason why yellow dominates TV graphics”.

RIP, Martin Amis, renowned British novelist.

“As what may become known as the “Banking Crisis of ’23” unfolds before our eyes, we need to advance a coherent vision of the values and measures needed for a just financial system.”

The lawsuits will continue until the defamation ends.

Josh Hawley is a weenie.

Just how bad can the 2023 Oakland A’s be?

“In other words, all of OpenAI’s current—and very profitable—work (ChatGPT and so forth) should be entirely unregulated. Only the stuff that’s 20 years away deserves any attention.”

RIP. Tina Turner, legendary rock/soul/pop singer, actor, and author.

“New reporting from the Daily Signal, a conservative publication associated with the Heritage Foundation, sought to spotlight the incongruence between Fox News’ coverage of transgender issues and its own internal policies. The condemnation from others in right-wing media has been as harsh as it has been swift.”

“Moving Pride displays to the back of the store in a spasm of historical absurdity and cutting product lines from your store will not stop extremists from organizing conservative outrage against your corporation. All it does is shift the goalposts even further back until their actual target is in sight.”

Yeah, that’s not Pedro Pascal in the Mandalorian suit.

“Netflix cleverly picked the absolute perfect day to start cracking down on sharing passwords”.

“Rhodes incorporated the Oath Keepers in 2009 (gee, who became president that year?), and you can’t divorce its creation from the then-emerging Tea Party movement.”

You can still share your Prime Video password.

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2 Responses to Weekend link dump for May 28

  1. Ross says:

    The Washington Monthly piece on the SVB bail out ignored one big thing. SVB had most of it’s money tied up in longer term US Treasury securities that had dropped in value as interest rates went up. I have to believe that was a major driver in making all depositors whole, since those securities would be worth face value at maturity and would be redeemed. If the SVB investments had been in corporate junk and similar crap, then I don’t think the big depositors would have been made whole.

    I would be in favor of reimposing Glass-Stegall, but that’s not going to happen.

    I also doubt that there is much appetite in Congress for bringing back public banking options.

  2. Flypusher says:

    I had broke with the religion I was raised in long ago, over irreconcilable philosophical differences. The hypocrisy from the Christian right validates that choice. If you toss your own scriptures because they are now inconvenient, why should I take your declaration of faith seriously? It’s just an inadequate fig leaf over an obvious lust to rule over other people.

    As for the young MDs and soon to be MDs, I totally get it. Were I starting my career now, I’d be looking in other states. My non-Texan grad school classmates would reluctantly pass on Rice U if they were choosing a school today.

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