Buzbee will do Paxton’s defense

Sure, why not?

A crook any way you look

Tony Buzbee, a high-profile and boisterously outspoken Houston attorney who defended former Gov. Rick Perry against abuse-of-office charges, will lead suspended Attorney General Ken Paxton’s legal defense team in his impeachment trial.

Buzbee had said on his Instagram profile Friday that he’d been retained by Paxton but later deleted that post. On Tuesday, Buzbee told The Texas Tribune he would lead Paxton’s defense team, though other lawyers also will be involved.

In a new Instagram post Tuesday, Buzbee announced a 2 p.m. Wednesday news conference in Austin “regarding the fatally flawed impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton.”

“I will provide further details at that time, which will include our hopes that the process in the Senate will be fair, reasoned and transparent,” Buzbee wrote.

Buzbee is the latest big-name attorney to join the fray in Paxton’s impeachment trial. Texas legal giants Dick DeGuerin and Rusty Hardin will serve as the lead prosecutors for the House impeachment managers, lawmakers announced Thursday.

See here for a bit of background and here for an image of Buzbee’s deleted Tweet. Both the House impeachment team and the now on-leave Paxton loyalists from the AG’s office are full of experienced attorneys who I’m sure could have presented their side’s case to the Senate. It’s hardly a bad idea to have these guys on your team, especially if you feel like a part of your mandate is convincing the public that yours is the righteous side, but it does feel a bit like gilding the lily. I wonder if it was always the plan to hire big names for each side, or if one did it first and the other scrambled to catch up. I will wait for the oral history or prestige podcast to tell me that part of the story. I’m sure the Lege’s livestream will draw its best numbers ever when this one gets called to order. The Chron, Reform Austin, Texas Public Radio, and the Press have more.

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  1. Flypusher says:

    Go long on popcorn futures. I hope they’ll live stream this.

  2. mollusk says:

    It will likely be live streamed, Fly – they already have the equipment for it.

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