Texas blog roundup for the week of July 3

The Texas Progressive Alliance is just back from Hambriston and the 123rd Texas Country Jamboree, which inspired this week’s roundup.

Off the Kuff looked at the new laws that are likely to result in lawsuits over various constitutional issues.

SocraticGadfly took a look at the escalating dust-up at TSHA.

Neil at the Houston Democracy Project posted the Project’s weekly report on the pre-trial hearings for the horse hockey Harris County Republican election-denial lawsuits.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Texas Monthly rounds up the many great moments you may have missed from previous Country Jamborees in Hambriston.

Charlotte Clymer catalogs Lance Armstrong’s many transgressions.

Brandon Rottinghaus collects a list of issues the next Mayor of Houston will be facing.

The San Antonio Report reports on the initial construction of a new and long-envisioned bus rapid transit system in that city.

Michael King ponders the “bookends” of the 88th Legislative session, Bryan Slaton and Ken Paxton.

Ken Hoffman calls on us all to stand up for Dr. Peter Hotez against the anti-vaxx hordes.

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2 Responses to Texas blog roundup for the week of July 3

  1. League City says:

    I know that some folks post their thoughts on Twitter as an easy way to reach folks… but Twitter just cut off a chunk of their reach. Was looking forward to the the posts teased here, but since I haven’t ever (and now wont) created a Twitter account, I cant read it. Hopefully this latest move prompts more folks to move their wisdom to a better tool.

  2. Flypusher says:

    Whatever Musk’s motives are, they’re not “try to run Twitter as a viable business.”

    I second Ken Hoffman’s closing line, and encourage the numbnuts who would threaten Dr. Hotez to just eschew modern medicine entirely.

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