Dispatches from Dallas, July 7 edition

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This week, in news from DFW, a mass shooting in a historically Black neighborhood in Fort Worth, the return of a former statewide candidate to DFW politics, the 2024 Senate race, the Rangers’ refusal to put on Pride Night, Fairfield State Park, and controversy over JFK assassination documents. Plus it’s time to discuss State Fair food and watching the lions and elephants cooling off at the Dallas Zoo.

I wasn’t familiar with Como, a neighborhood on the west side of Fort Worth, until this week, when a mass shooting injured eleven, three of whom later died, just after the ComoFest Independence Day celebration. The neighborhood was planned in the late 1800s as a holiday water destination after a dam was put in and named after an Italian resort, but the financing collapsed during one of the panics of the 1890s and Black families moved in. Unsurprisingly, as a Black community, Como received little support and had few amenities, and had to make do with their own. ComoFest started in 2021 and is put on by a community group founded in the wake of the George Floyd protests.

In the three days since the shooting, the community has met to figure out how to avoid the next tragedy in a community where the history is characterized by official neglect. There’s also a meeting of the Lake Como Neighborhood Advisory Council happening on Thursday night that will discuss these issues.

As I mentioned, the first ComoFest was held in 2021. In the hours immediately after that festival, a mass shooting at an area car wash injured eight people. Fortunately nobody was killed in that incident.

In related news this week, the sentencing hearing for the convicted killer in the El Paso Walmart shooting in 2019 began on Wednesday. He was from Allen, the Dallas suburb that was the site of a mass shooting of its own on May 6 of this year.

In other area news this week:

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