The Astros meet the President

Bill Kelly, Director of Government Relations for Mayor Sylvester Turner, got to visit the White House with the Astros to celebrate their winning the World Series last year. Here’s his report on what that’s like.

For anyone who has ever worked in government, visiting the White House is more than just the federal executive’s recognition of an achievement. You are literally sitting in the seat of power, standing shoulder to shoulder with people who the entire nation are acknowledging. You are getting time with the Chief Executive – the leader of the free world – who scripts the narration of this national notice.

Being included today in an East Room ceremony gave me a sense of history, a pride and appreciation of accomplishment, and a reflection of the people who actually made it happen.

The Astros players entered a packed East Room and filed into position. These men regularly take the field as the center of attention as tens of thousands of in-person fans stand to applaud along with millions more watching them on video feeds. There aren’t many times where their entrance is not the main event.

But when the President of the United State follows you on stage, with Jim Crane and Dusty Baker in tow, the importance of the moment became clear.

The national attention and honor was being given to our hometown baseball team by our President.

Much of what happens was expected – in this case a Baker/Biden “old dudes get it done” vibe and well timed jokes. The thanks given to the fans and an appreciation for the championship accomplishment was acknowledged by everyone who has paid for a ticket to a game.

But today’s event went off script, specifically and intentionally by the President. After reading off the teleprompter for his introductory remarks, the President decided to have a human moment when he got to the part about the Astros work for the community of Uvalde.


Of all the handshakes and selfies, of all the pomp and history, the real recognition was that the most powerful man in world thanked the best baseball team in world for trying to support the fallen worlds of these families. That is what I will remember most.

Gotta say, that would be a bucket list item for me. Go read the rest.

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