Texas blog roundup for the week of August 21

The Texas Progressive Alliance marvels at the ability of the Fifth Circuit to turn grievance into legal theory as it brings you this week’s roundup. The TPA also encourages you to donate to Maui relief if you can.

Off the Kuff is back on the Paxton impeachment beat as more revelations keep on coming.

SocraticGadfly talks about TPWD lies and laziness over the now former Fairfield Lake State Park.

Dos Centavos is not happy with Houston’s post-COVIDing as positivity and hospitalizations continue to rise.

Neil at the Houston Democracy Project attended the Houston Climate Movement Houston At-Large Council forum, and asked what if there ais no bipartisan partner on climate change? Maybe the most pragmatic course is to prepare for conflict.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

The Eyewall provides a look ahead at the peak of hurricane season.

The Dallas Observer reports on how school districts are handling the new law requiring armed guards at public schools.

Law Dork has an update on the forced “religious liberty” training that had been imposed on Southwest Airlines.

Your Local Epidemiologist presents a guide to fall vaccine options.

The Current finds a job listing that may be of interest to some of you.

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