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RIP, Edloe the cat

My sincere condolences to Lair on the death of his cat, Edloe. May he find many treats in kitty heaven. I’ll give Harry an extra Milk-Bone tonight in Edloe’s memory.

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  1. Thanks, Chuckster. For all the LIBERAL! jabs I make in your direction, I appreciate that you didn’t chalk this up to some bizarre Karl Rove conspiracy to distract people from last night’s “failed” speech. 😉

    I rub my beard in acknowledgement, the beard that I modeled off of your superior model of a beard.

    Or was it Bink’s? Hell, I can’t remember. Must be in that chunk of brain that doesn’t work anymore.

    The usual wry, cynical, and bizarre observations of yesterday’s events by yours truly will remain spiked for quite a while.

    Of course, I wrote them all down. It’s not like me to think things and then just let them evaporate out the various holes in my head.

    But I’m committing a Blog Sin by not posting them, I think.

  2. William Hughes says:

    Am I the only one that read this post and wondered what ever happened to Harry? I haven’t heard anything since Olivia was born. 🙂

  3. Michael says:


    Have you ever seen her and Harry in the same place at the same time?

    Just asking…

  4. Bob Smerfer says:

    Edloe always brought happiness to me and my friends.I hope he is in heaven with Jesus.I am sorry that you have lost him.

  5. joe goodfear says:

    i loved edloe the cat. he was the greatest cat in the world. he brought happieness to my life. he was a good cat. i will alwaya remember him. he is in kitty heaven with all the god cats. i loved him very much