Rick Noriega’s record of accomplishment

Over at Draft Rick Noriega, Vince takes a look at Rep. Noriega’s recent legislative record.

We’ll start this week with some of his accomplishments during the 80th Session of the Texas Legislature.

State Rep. Rick Noriega has several sessions of important legislative accomplishments.

During the 80th Legislature, much of Rep. Noriega’s attention was focused on education, environmental issues, public safety and veterans’ affairs. This, of course, was in addition to his service on the House Appropriations Committees–one of the most sought-after legislative assignments, but also one of the most time-consuming and important in either chamber.

It’s a thorough look at what Rep. Noriega did in Austin this past spring. Those of us who already know him know much of this stuff, but it doesn’t do much good if nobody else knows about it. Take a look, and see what you think – there’ll be more to come.

Meanwhile, Rep. Noriega spent the weekend in San Antonio and South Texas. See The Walker Report, Half Empty, and A Capitol Blog for news and photos.

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One Response to Rick Noriega’s record of accomplishment

  1. We need to back up our support for Rick with our $$$! Please help get this word out.

    Barbara Radnofsky was an excellent candidate, and she got into the race early and worked her tail off for almost 2 years raising campaing funds. She raised just short of $1.5 million. Barbara’s campaign finance link.

    This is MORE THAN TEN TIMES GREATER than what Rick raised in his last election. Rick’s campaign finance link

    Cornyn says he’s going to have $20 million, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee estimates that a competative Democratic campaign will need at least $15 million to avoid being buried by Cornyn’s money. Cornyn’s fund raising plan link This $15 million threshold is how much we will need to get national Democratic Party attention focused on our race for Senate.

    Even though Rick hasn’t announced yet and hasn’t done the paperwork to raise funds, you can raise funds for him now by contributing to Texas Netroots Against Cornyn.

    Please contribute generously and please help get the word out that we need your votes and your financial support!

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