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New York City: Not one of life’s winners

London, not New York, will host the 2012 Olympics, according to CNN. But at least the NYC boosters had an opportunity to stick it to the French:

In the first round, London got 22 votes, Paris 21, Madrid 20 and New York 19. In the second round, Madrid had 32 votes, followed by London with 27 and Paris 25, AP said.

In the third round, London led Paris 39-33 after picking up several New York votes. In the last round, Madrid’s votes were spread about evenly, giving London enough to win.

Would it be too late to start bribing IOC officials for Houston 2016 (or at least attempting to woo them by noting the supreme irony of hosting the world’s premier sports event in the America’s – and possibly the world’s – most obese city?)

Addendum: Seriously, if Houston wants it, it stands a good chance, according to the early buzz from CNN:

He and fellow delegates, clearly dejected at a post-election news conference in Singapore, said it was too soon to say whether the city would try for the 2016 Olympics, which stand a good chance of being awarded to the United States for the first time since the Atlanta Games in 1996…

Peter Ueberroth, president of the U.S. Olympic Committee, said New York — despite its energetic campaign — would not gain any special status if it entered the race to be the U.S. candidate for 2016.

“We will have a new process for the next four years,” he said. “We’ll open it up.”

The mad scramble for U.S. cities should begin any moment now. And while we all love New York City, it’s not September 12th any more, and there oughtn’t be any guilt of waging a no-holds-barred contest (as in, a bit more enthusiastic than the 2012 talk) for the love and affection of the USOC.


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  1. I have to say, I wholly disagree. I’m not from New York, but I think it deserves to be the next American City to host the Olympics.

    Tokyo was not awarded the Olympics until 1964, four Olympics after the end of WWII. 2016 will be four Olympics after 9/11. I have no desire to live in the 9/12 world permanently, but it would be a nice end to the whole thing.

    Now if they can just make the Freedom Tower a bit less like a bunker, I’ll be happy.

  2. julia says:

    le sob. le wah. le bouxhoux.

    quel bummer.

    Speaking as a New Yorker, I feel it’s important for me to be big about this and encourage you all, in the spirit of fair competition, to kick our asses on this.

    We’ve already had the Republican Convention. We’ve suffered enough.

  3. William Hughes says:

    As a New Yorker, I’ve come to a simple conclusion regarding this matter.

    If it’s humanly possible for me to care less about New York ever host the Olympics than I already do, please advise as how to do so. 😛

    Unfortunately, the USOC traditionally continues to submit a losing city as a host until they get the games. That means if Mayor McCheese wins reelection this year, this will continue to be a story in the city until the 2016 host is announced.