Weekend link dump for November 26

RIP, Rosalynn Carter, passionate champion of mental health, caregiving, and women’s rights, former First Lady, all around excellent person.

“Companies worth billions of dollars are, without permission, training generative AI models on creators’ works, which are then being used to create new content that in many cases can compete with the original works. I don’t see how this can be acceptable in a society that has set up the economics of the creative arts such that creators rely on copyright.”

“After the ex-wife of a Trump Organization insider talked to prosecutors, she lost her children and her home. But she’s still fighting.”

“Re-recording restrictions have gotten tougher in recent years for reasons you can probably figure out. [The labels] don’t want you to duplicate your recordings — like ever — and then they will limit the other types of recordings you can do. So, it’s gotten tougher as the labels get more concerned about artists re-recording their catalog.”

“The ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware operation has taken extortion to a new level by filing a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission complaint against one of their alleged victims for not complying with the four-day rule to disclose a cyberattack.” That is next level.

“Starting in December, Disney will begin testing a new version of its streaming services by combining Hulu and Disney Plus into a single app. The news (which follows Disney’s recent acquisition of Hulu) has led to a lot of questions. Is Hulu going away? What will the app experience be like? Do violent movies like Prey or No One Will Save You really fit with the Disney Plus brand? The good news is that the answer to most of those questions likely already exists outside of the US, which I know because I’ve been using it for more than two years. It’s not confusing at all. In fact, it looks a lot like traditional TV.”

“It’s almost like the post-Roe timeline is playing out at 10-times speed. First they tried a constitutional amendment to do jurisdiction stripping, which they talked about after Roe in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Then they talked about passing bans anyway. Then they moved into health regulations.”

Lock them up.

“My $200, 12-year-old Thinkpad has outlasted two high-end Macbooks”.

“How mathematics built the modern world”.

“The company that created ChatGPT was thrown into turmoil Monday after Microsoft hired its ousted CEO and many employees threatened to follow him in a conflict that centered in part on how to build artificial intelligence that’s smarter than humans.”

“A Southern California company is showing how repurposing EV batteries for stationary storage can extend their usefulness for several years.”

RIP, Willie Hernandez, former MLB reliever who won the Cy Young and MVP awards for the Detroit Tigers in 1984.

“Once again, the message from conservatives is clear: Voters just can’t be trusted to make decisions on abortion.”

“By the numbers, of four hundred and eight articles on the front page of the Times during the period we analyzed, about half—two hundred nineteen—were about domestic politics. A generous interpretation found that just ten of those stories explained domestic public policy in any detail; only one front-page article in the lead-up to the midterms really leaned into discussion about a policy matter in Congress: Republican efforts to shrink Social Security. Of three hundred and ninety-three front-page articles in the Post, two hundred fifteen were about domestic politics; our research found only four stories that discussed any form of policy. The Post had no front-page stories in the months ahead of the midterms on policies that candidates aimed to bring to the fore or legislation they intended to pursue. Instead, articles speculated about candidates and discussed where voter bases were leaning.”

“The U.S. government just dropped a hammer on the biggest name left in cryptocurrency (as if this week wasn’t wild enough for the technology industry).”

RIP, Marty Krofft, longtime TV producer who along with his brother Sid created H.R. Pufnstuf, Land of the Lost, and much more. Mark Evanier has a nice tribute to him.

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