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Texans for Hackett


Still time to donate to Paul Hackett for our Texas Thursday foray today. As of this writing, we’ve generated $240 for him from 9 donors. Which doesn’t sound like much, but it’s still $240 and nine donors he wouldn’t have had otherwise. You can bump those numbers upward if you’d like.

Thanks to the following blogs for participating:

Burnt Orange

Pink Dome

Greg Wythe

The Red State


Nate Nance

Brains and Eggs

Texas Truth Serum

Latinos for Texas

Eye on Williamson

Save Texas Reps



It was even mentioned on the National Journal Blogometer, which was cool. (By the way, if you do a Google search on “blogometer”, it will ask if you really meant to search for bogometer. I thought that was funny, but then I’m a geek.)

If I missed citing your link, or if you missed finding out about this in time to do your own link, please drop me a line and let me know. Thanks.

Finally, if you happen to see this post on Friday or over the weekend and feel guilty that you missed out on donating today, fear not. The election is on Tuesday, August 2, so chip in anytime before then.

UPDATE: I should point out that the main ActBlue page for Hackett has raised $310,813.70 from 5834 donors as of this writing. Wow.

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