Weekend link dump for February 25

Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin is a most unfortunate 39-minute program centered on the first Black character introduced by cartoonist Charles M. Schulz. The Peanuts franchise has programmed the show for Black History Month, that much is clear. But are we honoring Franklin for breaking down racial barriers and integrating the most popular comic strip of all time? For blazing a path followed by Beetle Bailey’s Lt. Jack Flap? Or will it suffice to consider the special problems in representation presented by Charlie Brown’s Black friend?”

“Just picked up my Cybertruck today. The advisor specifically mentioned the cybertrucks develop orange rust marks in the rain and that required the vehicle to be buffed out.”

“Who knew untreated stainless steel might not be such a good idea for the exterior of a motor vehicle, especially considering that cars typically get left sitting outside in all weather for 95 percent of their lives? The whole automotive industry, that’s who.”

“The 2023 Hugo Fraud and Where We Go From Here”.

“Mexico is suing US gun-makers for arming its gangs − and a US court could award billions in damages”.

Why Does the Devil Look like a Goat? How the Symbolism Miscasts Goats as Evil”. Seriously, goats are awesome and this slander against them cannot stand.

“It might be fitting that the sleaziest case will go first. But this prosecution ought not to be diminished. It also involves alleged criminal actions taken to influence an election—or prevent an election from being influenced by Daniels’ claim that Trump had a tryst with her at a 2006 charity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe while his wife, Melania, was home with 4-month-old Barron. And here’s an important fact: The Justice Department and a federal court have already declared that a crime occurred in the commission of this $130,000 payoff.”

“In life we constantly need to make choices on the basis of available options. Often they are imperfect or even bad options. The real options are the ones that have some shot at success. That’s life. Klein’s argument really amounts to a highly pessimistic but not unreasonable analysis of the present situation which he resolves with what amounts to a deus ex-machina plot twist. That’s not an argument. It’s a recipe for paralysis.”

““What determines a good human life?” is a good question and a vitally important question. You don’t want your government supplying the answer to that question. Because any government providing an answer to that question will end up imposing an answer to that question.”

“Both of these offers seem like they should be illegal. Because they should be illegal. But they’re just the flip side of what’s already happening—wealthy patrons buying figureheads who will do exactly what they want in office.”

Don’t watch CNBC. Jim Cramer isn’t even the worst of it.

RIP, Robert Reid, former NBA player for the Rockets who was a key member of the 1981 and 1986 Finals teams.

“It made no sense. He was never hateful, until he was. He was always caring, until he wasn’t. He was proud of me—the first to graduate with a BA, much less an MA in Education, until he decided the Education Department was a part of a conspiracy. He was always the man who I could count on when I called, but he died a man I didn’t recognize.”

It would seem that Wheel of Fortune is running out of comprehensible puzzle solutions.

“In Alabama, women can now be forced to have babies they don’t want and can’t have babies that they do.”

“The Alabama ruling is a reminder that, whatever Alito might have said in Dobbs, the attack on abortion rights was always going to put women’s ability to make other reproductive decisions in jeopardy, and IVF is just the beginning.”

Lock him up. Again and again as needed.

“Dominion Voting Systems is entitled to review personal communications and text messages of Newsmax Media journalists in its defamation suit against the conservative media company, a Delaware judge ruled last week.”

Bridgit Mendler is a more interesting person than you might have thought.

“Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones did it two years ago. Rudolph Giuliani did it just before Christmas. Now there’s a very good chance that before March 12, Donald Trump will join them in filing personal bankruptcy. Trump would do so for the same reason as Jones and Giuliani — to delay paying court-ordered awards for defamation.”

“Somehow almost a decade after this whole thing started we’re shocked to see, wow, Weiss’s office was being led around by another cat’s paw of the Russian intelligence services. We’re shocked. But why are we shocked? Every last person among the serious people of the nation’s capital and the sprawling thing called elite received opinion has egg on their face. And it’s not even clear they fully realize it yet.”

“A federal judge has ruled that pillow magnate and election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell must pay out a $5 million prize he offered to anyone who could disprove his dispute of the 2020 election results.”

RIP, Flaco, the famous Central Park Zoo owl who went missing after a vandal tampered with the bird’s exhibit more than a year ago.

RIP, Golden Richards, former NFL wide receiver mostly for the Dallas Cowboys.

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