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One of these officials is not like the others

I got this a couple of days ago, but didn’t have a chance to post on it till now. This (PDF) is a letter sent from the interim President and Chair of the Board of Regents of Galveston College to Governor Perry to express their concerns over one of his vetoes, which had to do with money allocated to community college faculty and staff for health insurance. At the bottom of the letter, as is custom in situations like this, they cc’ed the college’s legislative delegation, so the folks who represent them know what their issues are.

Well, sort of anyway. See, Galveston County has a total of four representatives in Austin, but the letter was only copied to three of them. They managed to overlook Galveston’s senior state Senator, which when you think about it probably wasn’t that hard to do. Joe Jaworski, noting that Galveston’s forgotten Senator is also furniture, is currently having some fun with this in a fundraising email.

Anyway. I’m sure this really was just an oversight, but much like casting Rick Perry as the fourth Stooge once was, it’s just fitting somehow.

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