Weekend link dump for April 14

“Just as Trump’s mixture of insecurity, anger and grievance bonded him with small-town, white, declining America, his hunger for power and the punishment of enemies bonded him with America’s rising authoritarian movement.”

An interview with 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Ilana Diamond Rovner that is worth your time to read.

“Opill, the over-the-counter birth control pill, is now available at H-E-B stores and other retailers across San Antonio and Texas.”

“Godzilla got domesticated because he became a star. Being an unknowable terror is fine for one film, and possibly for a sequel or two. But apparently the thinking is, if you want to keep people coming back film after film, eventually you have to make your monster someone the audience roots for, even if the monster is still nominally a bad guy.”

“Recently, the FEC approved final rules to make it easier for federal candidates to draw salaries from their privately raised campaign funds and pay themselves a livable wage. This will change the political landscape.”

“Let’s direct our energy toward the crisis of belonging. Maybe then we can understand the crisis of belief.”

“According to these sources, Trader Joe’s commonly solicits product samples and even asks for potential recipe adjustments—a revealing and time-consuming exercise for bootstrapped founders—before inexplicably abandoning the negotiations and releasing its own private-label versions of similar products at lower prices.”

RIP, Jerry Grote, longtime catcher for the New York Mets, member of their 1969 World Series champion team, also an alumnus of my alma mater, Trinity University.

“This is one of the most amazing stories to come down the pike in I don’t know how long, published over the weekend in The Washington Post. The short version is that Tim Sheehy, probable Republican nominee for Senate in Montana, is a comical liar and is trying to cover up that lie with a story so preposterous that it’s kind of a joy to run through because it’s so hilariously bad.”

Please make sure this ad also runs in Texas. Thanks.

It was fifty years ago now that Henry Aaron hit #715.

“This is unacceptable and blatant discrimination that not only harms trans, nonbinary and intersex individuals, but limits the potential of all athletes. It’s important to recognize that these discriminatory policies don’t enhance fairness in competition. Instead, they send a message of exclusion and reinforce dangerous stereotypes that harm all women.”

RIP, Peter Higgs Nobel Prize-winning physicist who came up with the idea of the Higgs boson particle.

“The new lunar time zone, Coordinated Lunar Time (LTC), is all about ensuring the success of future, multinational missions to the moon”.

Meet Harley Redin, another figure from women’s basketball history that you (like I) had probably never heard of before.

Happy retirement to Tara VanDerveer, the winningest coach in college basketball history.

It’s 1864 all over again in Arizona. And it could be 1873 all over again everywhere else if Trump wins in November.

RIP, Carlos Alvarez, businessman and philanthropist who brought Mexican beers Modelo and Corona to the U.S. and made Shiner beer a hit.

RIP, Tom Copeland, former executive director of the Texas Film Commission and a pivotal figure in the growth of the state’s film industry.

If it had been up to David Lynch, you would never have known who killed Laura Palmer.

“Twitter just doing a “redirect links in tweets that go to x.com to twitter.com instead but accidentally do so for all domains that end x.com like eg spacex.com going to spacetwitter.com” is not absolutely the funniest thing I could imagine but it’s high up there.”

RIP, Trina Robbins, longtime cartoonist and artist who was one of the most instrumental female voices in underground comix, first woman to draw Wonder Woman for DC. Mark Evanier adds his tribute.

OJ Simpson has died. I don’t have anything to say about that, but Josh Marshall has a few thoughts if you’re interested.

“There certainly are more stresses in the modern game that likely contribute to injury, but the truth is that while this spring is bad for elbow injuries, it’s always been this way in recent years. It’s always bad.”

Love is dead.

“Roku says it discovered a data breach impacting 567,000 accounts, which the streaming platform found while investigating a security breach last month that compromised 15,000 users.”

Real-life ‘Rosie the Riveters’ reunite in D.C. to win the nation’s top civilian honor”.

RIP, Fritz Peterson, former MLB pitcher mostly for the Yankees who rather famously traded wives with his then-teammate Mike Kekich. Go google those two names if this is a story you’ve never heard before. The trade worked out much better for Peterson than it did for Kekich.

RIP, Faith Ringgold, artist known for her story quilts depicting African-American experiences.

RIP, Lori and George Schappell, the world’s oldest conjoined twins.

Happy retirement to The Dogfather.

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2 Responses to Weekend link dump for April 14

  1. Flypusher says:

    Some excerpts from a WaPo article:

    Nicole Brown Simpson dialed 911 in October of 1993 and told the dispatcher that her ex-husband had broken into her home. He wouldn’t leave the property, she explained: “He’s ranting and raving outside in the front yard.” The dispatcher wanted to know whether the man had been drinking. Nicole said no, “but he’s crazy.”
    The call ended. Then, almost immediately, she called again, to ask the police to please hurry. Her ex was about to reenter the house.
    “What does he look like?” the new dispatcher asked.
    “It’s O.J. Simpson,” Nicole said. “I think you know his record.”
    What’s remarkable, relistening to this call, is the resignation in Nicole’s voice when she offers this piece of information. The sense that she already knows that providing her famous husband’s name might change the treatment she receives, or doesn’t; the privacy she receives, or doesn’t; the credibility she is, or is not, believed to have.

    On the phone with the dispatcher, Nicole worries repeatedly about her children, who are asleep, and about how desperately she doesn’t want them to wake up.

    She explains that O.J. had broken down her back door.
    That he had taken her phone book.
    That he was angry because he wanted to know why one of the bedroom doors was locked.
    That he was refusing to leave. “Please leave, O.J.,” Nicole could be heard saying at one point. “Please, the kids.”
    “So, basically, you guys have just been arguing,” the dispatcher asked, a question that would be repeated in various forms throughout the call, followed, a few beats later, by “Is he upset with something that you did?”
    As if busting down your ex-wife’s door and stalking through the house while she begged you to leave was a run-of-the-mill couples squabble. As if the likeliest explanation for a man behaving this way was that the ex-wife did something to provoke it.


    Some people richly deserve a “good riddance” when they leave this earth. O.J. Simpson was one of them.

  2. J says:

    I don’t know if HEB has been ripping off recipes for products, but I have noticed a trend where national or state brands I normally buy have disappeared, replaced by HEB branded products at higher prices.

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