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Volunteer opportunity: Harris County Citizen Corps

My friend Andrea forwarded me the following email from County Judge Robert Eckels on behalf of the Harris County Citizen Corps:

Harris County Citizen Corps Members,

Today we are going to help those who have been impacted by Hurricane Katrina who are currently located in the Super Dome in New Orleans. Up to 25,000 citizens are going to be relocated to the Astro Dome. We need your help.

We are requesting volunteers to assist in setting up the dome with cots and other basic necessities. This needs to be completed by 1700 or 5pm CST. We need for you to forward to anyone who can help through your businesses, churches, and organizations.

We will also need volunteers to assist in the documentation and check in of all who arrive. CERT Teams will be needed to assist citizens from the buses to the check in locations.

Logistical information with locations and staging areas will be sent out shortly. Please respond to this e-mail and let us know how many people you have that can assist, include time frames, as this will be a 24/7 operation.

This task is unprecedented and can be completed with the support of our citizens.

Thank you for your continued support,
Harris County Judge Robert Eckels
Chairman Harris County Citizen Corps

May be a little late for today, but I’d bet there’ll be a continuing need for help while the Astrodome is being used as a refugee shelter. Here’s the form to volunteer for the HCCC.

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  2. Margret Verstraete says:

    I am coming to the Astrodome today along with my
    Victoria Steinbrunner (20)
    Mathhew Dethlefsen (20)