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No diapers!

I could have lived without knowing this.

Her attorney wants to get something straight — former astronaut Lisa Nowak did not wear diapers to avoid bathroom breaks as she drove some 960 miles from Houston to Orlando to confront her romantic rival in February.

Instead the diapers found in her car that night were size “toddler 3,” hardly big enough for an adult, and were left over from her family’s evacuation from Houston in 2005 as Hurricane Rita approached, attorney Don Lykkebak said today.

The family, including Nowak herself and her husband, used the diapers then because at the time motels were swamped and restrooms and privacy were scarce. With reporters gathered around after a routine court hearing today, Lykkebak testily described how the family used the diapers.

“You can’t put it on,” he said. “To have privacy you have to find a way to get in your car, obviously not with the car running, and you (use the diapers) just to collect your waste, and you do that so you don’t have to go out in front of everybody.”

Uh, thanks, Counselor. I’ll be sure to remember that. Now can we please talk about something else?

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One Comment

  1. jaye says:

    Kuff-you have changed a few diapers so you aren’t that squimish, right?

    So she didn’t wear the diapers and couldn’t drive and er catch her urine and drive so she used the gas stations when she stopped for gas like the rest of us would have.

    Prediction? She pleads to assault and as the attempted murder charge was dropped the attempted kidnapping will be dropped too.

    The trial would be rather embarrassing to NASA–more sorid details even if it doesn’t involve soiling details.