Ted Lyon for Governor?

Via DC9 and email from Judge Susan Criss comes the following tidbit gleaned from the current newsletter of the Galveston County Democratic Party:

The rumors are strong around the state that Ted B. Lyon will seek the Democratic Party¹s nomination for Governor in 2006.

A very successful 57-year old Dallas trial lawyer, Lyon has a very distinguished career of public service. The former police officer served four years as a member of the Texas House of Representatives and eleven years in the Texas Senate. His legislative career earned him numerous honors for his successful efforts in behalf of consumers, education, the environment, and law enforcement. Ted Lyon is a progressive who will come to the Texas Governor’s office with all of the necessary qualities that are lacking in the last two who held that office.

He has the ‘know how’ to win and to govern effectively. Texas could benefit by a man like Ted Lyon in the Governor’s office.

Here’s a bio from his law firm’s webpage. I confess that beyond what I’ve been reading here I don’t know much about Ted Lyon. I’ve heard from more than one person that he’s a good guy and also that he could self-finance his campaign, admittedly a nontrivial point these days despite our recent track record for such things at the gubernatorial level. I daresay he’d have about the same name ID quotient as Chris Bell, so I don’t think that would be a consideration.

I’m happy with Bell, but as I’ve said before, anyone who wants to jump into the Democratic primary and make the case that he or she is the best person to take out Rick Perry is welcome to do so by me. As with John Sharp, I’ll believe these reports when I see the words come from the mouth of the purported candidate himself. In the meantime, have fun speculating about it.

(On a side note, the new design for the GCDP’s website is pretty sleek. Their blog is still in the works, so check back on that later. Kudos to all involved for the nice work.)

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One Response to Ted Lyon for Governor?

  1. Aaron says:

    I think the last thing Texas Democrats need is a Trial Lawyer heading it’s ticket.

    That said, if Lyon runs, he probably wins the nomination. He’s been a successful Lawyer since leaving the Senate 12 years ago and he will have the cash to win the primary.

    Four time loser Chris Bell is basically broke.

    That said, the I-20 Condo Scandal that helped bring down Lyon may come back to haunt him once again.

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