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More proposition positions

Karl-T has the official positions of the Young Conservatives of Texas on the nine ballot propositions. Some of them, notably Prop 1, are in agreement with those of the University Democrats. Make of that what you will. Karl-T will have his preferences posted shortly. Assuming I can ever make up my mind on these things, I’ll try to follow suit when I can.

Latinos for Texas appears to be gearing up to work its way through the nine propositions. Here’s what they’ve got on Prop One. No “yea” or “nay” is given, but there’s a lot more context and background than anything else I’ve seen, so that’s useful. I’ll be checking back on this for more.

On a more general note, the invaluable League of Women Voters Guide to this election in Houston is now online. Thanks to Progressive Texan for the link.

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