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Endorsement watch: But wait, there’s still more!

Just when I proclaim that the Chron is really truly finished with its 2005 endorsements, they go ahead and cross me up by finally evaluating the last three Constitutional amendments on the ballot. I’m not sure what took them so long to announce their opposition to Props 3, 6, and 8 – none of these are the least bit controversial – but then I can’t make any sense of their schedule to begin with. I mean, early voting ends tomorrow, and they’re just now publishing the last of their endorsements. You would think that they’d prefer to maximize whatever influence these things have by making sure they’re all written before the first vote is cast. Whatever. As a reminder, all the Chron’s endorsement editorials are here – scroll down to see them.

For the record, I voted yesterday. Unlike last year, when you had to pick your early-voting time and place carefully in order to avoid long lines, I was in and out of the West Gray Multi-Service Center in five minutes, even though I showed up at 5:30 PM, usually a busy after-work time. Turnout will be light on Tuesday, but I still recommend voting now while it’s really quiet.

UPDATE: Stace points to the early voting totals so far (Excel spreadsheet), and I confess it’s heavier than I would have thought, with just over 45,000 ballots cast through Tuesday. Still, even the West Gray location, the busiest one so far, has seen fewer than 60 people per hour on the average. That’s pretty darned slow.

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